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When you have a problem anywhere in your urinary tract – from your kidneys to your genitals – it can be embarrassing, sensitive and worrisome. As board-certified urologists, we have been successfully treating all kinds of urinary problems for over 30 years, and we understand. We know how important it is for you to be able to discuss your concerns with your doctor comfortably and confidentially and have all your questions answered. Here at Advanced Urology, you’ll receive state-of-the-art urologic care from specialists of choice using the most advanced technology and the latest procedures. These include:

• da Vinci prostatectomy (robotic prostastectomy) • Urolift for BPH • Laser prostate surgery 

• Microwave prostate treatment • da Vinci nephrectomy • Robotic partial nephrectomy

• Kidney stone treatment with shock wave lithotripsy • InterStim sacral neuromodulation 

• Testosterone pellets • Testosterone replacement • Penile prosthesis

You’ll also receive the benefit of our team approach. It combines the best of our collective skill, training and experience to meet your needs as a patient and as a person.

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