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BPH (Enlarged Prostate) Q & A

What Is BPH?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a condition in which a man’s prostate becomes enlarged and obstructs the flow of urine, causing irritative symptoms. BPH is extremely common with roughly half of the entire male population experiencing symptoms by 60 years of age.1It’s nothing to worry about until it impacts your sleep, work, sex life and ability to urinate freely. So, what causes BPH? What are the symptoms? What can you do?


What causes BPH?

It’s not exactly clear. But you’re not alone, BPH impacts 90% of men by the age 85.1 As the prostate enlarges, pressure can be put on the urethra, causing irritative symptoms.


What are the symptoms?

  • Waking up several times a night to urinate
  • Weak, interrupted urine stream
  • Hard time starting and stopping
  • Feeling a sudden urge to urinate
  • Not sure your bladder is empty
  • Dribbling at the end of your stream
  • Painful or burning urination
  • Inability to go when you feel the need
  • Lack of control over urination
  • Take the BPH Quiz to gauge your symptoms.

Treatment Options

What are the treatment options?

Treatment options range from noninvasive behavior modification and watchful waiting to medications, minimally invasive procedures and surgery. Which is best for you? It all depends on the amount of discomfort you’re in, your age, health, the size of your prostate and your post-procedure expectations.


How does BPH affect your life?

BPH may not be life threatening, but it can take its toll on a man’s health and quality of life. Chronic exhaustion from waking up at night to go. Embarrassing delays at public urinals. The anxiety of talking about BPH. It all adds up.