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Does sexual dysfunction hold you back from intimacy in your relationship? The board-certified and board-eligible urologists at Advanced Urology now offer ViaSure™ by Cynosure® to support healthy sexual function for men. The team is ready to help you at their offices in Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, and Culver City, California. Call your nearest Advanced Urology office or book an appointment online today to find out if you’re a candidate.


How does ViaSure work?

ViaSure is a technological treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), a symptom that men often experience as they age. A form of sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction makes it challenging for a man to get or maintain a firm erection. 

ViaSure uses acoustic waves to increase penile blood flow and restore smooth muscle cells in the area simultaneously. Many cases of erectile dysfunction are vascular-related, so restoring healthy blood flow to the area can help improve your sexual function and stamina. 

When you visit Advanced Urology experiencing erectile dysfunction, your urologist performs an evaluation to determine the underlying cause. They can then tell you if ViaSure is the treatment best-suited for your situation.

Otherwise, they might recommend treatments like oral medications or self-injections. 


What should I expect from ViaSure treatments?

ViaSure treatments are both quick and pain-free. They take only 15 minutes in the Advanced Urology office, and you can go home immediately and continue your day as usual. 

First, your urologist at Advanced Urology applies a smooth gel to the targeted area, just like with an ultrasound. They then glide the applicator across your skin as it emits sound waves.

During treatment, you’ll hear sounds from the device, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. Some may find the treatment minimally uncomfortable.

Most people benefit from four to six total sessions of ViaSure. Your urologist can determine the appropriate number of sessions after your initial consultation.


How long do the results of ViaSure treatments last?

Once you complete your course of ViaSure treatments, you can anticipate long-lasting results. The exact duration varies for each individual, but you can return to Advanced Urology for follow-up treatments as needed. 


Am I a good candidate for ViaSure?

ViaSure works best for cases of erectile dysfunction that result from vascular issues like hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and smoking. Your urologist might recommend the treatment if you’ve already tried other ED treatments like pills or injections.

Unlike other treatments, ViaSure is entirely noninvasive and doesn’t involve any pharmaceuticals or hormones. 

To discover the benefits of ViaSure treatment and find out if you’re a good candidate, call Advanced Urology or schedule an appointment online today.