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Prostate disease, including prostate cancer, is one of the most common men’s health problems today, which means maintaining good prostate health is vital for men of all ages. At Advanced Urology Medical Offices in Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, and Culver City, California, the experienced team of urologists helps patients with prostate disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and support. Click on the online scheduling feature or contact the office closest to you for an appointment now.

Prostate Health Q & A

What is prostate disease?

Prostate disease refers to any of the conditions affecting your prostate gland. The most common prostate diseases include: 


Prostatitis is prostate gland inflammation and swelling. Symptoms of this prostate disease usually include painful urination, increased frequency of urination, groin pain, bloody urine, and other urinary symptoms. 

Bacteria can cause prostatitis, but in many other cases, the cause isn’t clear. Sometimes, prostatitis goes away without treatment, but it’s best to get treatment to prevent a recurrence.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

BPH, also called an enlarged prostate, occurs when your prostate gland swells to press on your urethra. This causes problems such as difficulty starting urination, weak urine stream, inability to empty your bladder fully, and other uncomfortable and inconvenient issues. 

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the second-most common cancer in men today. Although prostate cancer once had a high fatality rate, prostate cancer screening tests and early detection have changed that. When prostate cancer is diagnosed early, the five-year survival rate is nearly 100%.

The Advanced Urology Medical Offices team can diagnose and treat all types of prostate disease. 

What are the tests for prostate disease?

There are several different tests for prostate disease, including: 

  • Digital rectal exam
  • Prostate-specific antigen blood test
  • Urinalysis
  • Ultrasound
  • CT scan
  • Prostate cancer screening, such as a colonoscopy

The exact prostate disease tests you need depend on a number of factors, including your symptoms, your age, and your health history. Your Advanced Urology Medical Offices urologist will likely perform several different tests before making a diagnosis and designing a treatment plan. 

What are the options in prostate disease treatment?

Prostate disease treatment can vary based on your particular condition, symptoms, overall health, and preferences. 


Treatment can vary based on the underlying cause. Options include antibiotics, alpha blockers, and anti-inflammatory drugs. 


BPH treatment can include medication, Rezūm® water vapor therapy to widen your urethral opening, a UroLift® procedure to secure the prostate away from the urethral opening, or surgery. Lifestyle changes, as recommended by your urologist, might help too.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer treatment options can include active monitoring, chemotherapy, radiation, robotic surgery, traditional open surgery, cryotherapy, and combinations of these solutions based on the stage of your cancer and your needs.

Your Advanced Urology Medical Offices urologist will work with you closely to help you recover from prostate disease. 

If you’re suffering from prostate disease, trust your recovery to the best urology team in the Los Angeles area. Call the location of Advanced Urology Medical Offices nearest you, or book online anytime.