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If other treatments for erectile dysfunction don’t work, a penile prosthesis implant can be an excellent solution. The urology team at Advanced Urology Medical Offices offers compassionate care that’s personalized for your needs. Take the first step toward recapturing a full, intimate life after ED by booking online or calling the Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, or Culver City, California, office today.

Penile Prosthesis Implant Q & A

What is a penile prosthesis implant?

A penile prosthesis implant is a solution for men who have erectile dysfunction. There are a few options, including: 

Inflatable implants

Inflatable penile implants include a fluid chamber hidden within your lower abdomen, a pump bulb/release valve in your scrotum, and hollow cylinders within your penis. Some models combine the fluid chamber and the pump/release mechanism into one unit. 

With inflatable implants, you depress the pump to deliver fluid into the cylinders, thereby creating an erection. After intercourse, you depress the release valve to drain the cylinders and return your penis to a resting position.

Semirigid implants

Semirigid penile implants are made of rods. The rods are flexible enough to bend for intercourse, and then bend back into the normal position when you're done. Some semirigid implants are one piece, and others are made from a chain of segments and springs on either end. 

Your Advanced Urology Medical Offices specialist can help you decide which penile implant will serve your needs the best. 

Is a penile prosthesis implant right for me?

If you have erectile dysfunction that doesn’t respond to other treatments, or if you suffer from a condition that causes penile scarring, like Peyronie’s disease, a penile prosthesis implant could be an excellent choice for you. 

There are also other situations in which a penile prosthesis implant might not be the best solution. If you’re suffering from an infection, like a UTI, you’ll need to be infection-free for an extended period determined by your doctor before you can consider this surgery.

If you have diabetes, it doesn’t rule you out, but your disease must be tightly controlled before you can have this surgery. 

It’s also important to remember that penile implants allow you to get an erection whenever you want. But they don’t change your libido. Of course, a penile prosthesis implant can boost your self-confidence considerably, so that can make you feel more interested in sex. 

What is the recovery like after penile implant surgery?

Your Advanced Urology Medical Offices urologist gives you personalized aftercare guidelines. You take antibiotics to prevent infection, and you might need some pain medicine in the days after surgery. 

Follow your doctor’s guidelines for cleaning and positioning your penis closely to get the ideal long-term function. In general, most patients can resume full activity about 4-6 weeks after surgery. 

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