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The decision to father children or not is one of the most serious, far-reaching decisions any man can make. Every year, thousands of men opt for voluntary permanent sterilization through a procedure called vasectomy. Their reasons include:

  • Highly reliable, 99% effective
  • Common surgical procedure
  • Least expensive method of birth control available
  • Allows men to participate in the birth control decision and process

Today’s vasectomy can be performed right in the office in less than an hour. It is safe and effective and anesthesia is available. No-scalpel results in faster healing and an overall more comfortable experience for the patient.

A vasectomy is one of the best and the most reliable forms of birth control. It not only provides continuous protection against pregnancy but is the single most cost-effective birth control method available – even less costly than birth control pills for women. As you might imagine, no-scalpel vasectomy has gained tremendous popularity.

Vasectomy reversal

The board-certified urologists at Advanced Urology are experts in microscopic vasectomy reversal techniques. If you are one of the 5% of men who have a vasectomy and choose to reverse it later on (due to marriage, loss of a child or change of heart), Advanced Urology’s physicians can help. No matter how long ago your vasectomy was performed, we can still help. For more information or to make an appointment to consult with one of our urologists, please call 310.670.9119.

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