Exactly How Does ViaSure™ Treat Sexual Dysfunction?

Are you happy with your sex life? It’s a personal question, but it’s an important one. A healthy, satisfying sex life is a fundamental aspect of overall well-being — yet sexual dysfunction is incredibly common.

Advanced Urology specializes in men’s sexual wellness in Culver City, Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, and San Pedro, California. We understand the ways sexual dysfunction can impact your relationships, your confidence, and your health, and we’re here to help.

We’re proud to offer ViaSure™ for sexual dysfunction, a non-invasive treatment specifically targeting vascular-related erectile dysfunction (ED). Here’s how to recognize the signs of sexual dysfunction and how ViaSure could help.

Recognizing sexual dysfunction

Your sex life is personal. While many sexual health care providers use the term “a satisfying sex life” to describe sexual well-being, the phrase means something different to every individual — and what it means to you might even change over the course of your lifetime.

However, some symptoms can get in the way of having a healthy sex life no matter your gender, age, or lifestyle choices, and those issues are considered types of sexual dysfunction.

An estimated 31% of men experience sexual dysfunction at some point, and it can include erectile dysfunction (ED), low libido, premature ejaculation, or difficulties with arousal or orgasm.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you might be experiencing sexual dysfunction — and treatment can help. Sexual health is complex, and our team of experts is here to help you get the diagnosis and care you need to feel your best.

How ViaSure addresses sexual dysfunction

About 30 million American men have ED, making it one of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction. If you’re diagnosed with ED, ViaSure could be an option for you. It’s a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment for vascular-related ED, and here’s how it works.

We start with a comprehensive health assessment, during which we evaluate your physical, psychological, and lifestyle factors, along with your medical history. Vascular-related ED is often linked with common chronic health issues like atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension,  and obesity.

If you’re a good candidate, we explain the procedure in detail to help you make an informed decision about your care. Vascular-related ED is characterized by difficulty achieving and maintaining a firm erection due to restricted blood flow to your penis.

ViaSure treatment uses gentle shockwaves to stimulate new blood vessel growth and smooth muscle cell growth in penile tissue. It addresses the cause of vascular-related ED by enhancing blood flow, which strengthens erections over time.

We use a patented handheld device over your skin to initiate your body's natural cellular response, gradually improving blood flow over time. ViaSure is customizable, and we work with you to create your personalized treatment plan.

Most men achieve optimal results with a series of four to six sessions, each lasting 15 minutes. No downtime is necessary, and we’re here to provide ongoing support throughout treatment.

Looking for a way to restore your sexual well-being? ViaSure could be the solution. Reach out to our team at Advanced Urology today by phone or online to learn more.

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